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Coral Bay 2006 - Trip Report - by Chups

Hi Guys & Girls

Just thought you all might like to know what a great week we have just had
in Coral Bay

day one Friday
Friday afternoon was supposed to be home from work by 10am latest 11am . I
am self employed can do as I please? Got home 2pm.

Rush around like a mad man packing the car and trailer trying to tie up
lose ends with regards to work hoping to be on the road for 4.30pm my
[lovely wife Nikki did most of the packing of the trailer & the car] then
realised that I had not repaired my air compressor from the Harvey trip 4
weeks ago. I think one of the names Nikki used was idiot she really does
love me - isn't it sweet. Lost one hr buying parts for the repair. Luckily I
wasn't holding anybody up as Micki went up north a week earlier and was
meeting us at Coral Bay. Sixten left 3pm that afternoon. Anyway Got away
6.30pm then remembered hadn't fed the kids MACCA,S On road 7pm.spotees
work great. Arrive coronation beach 12.30 am find camping spot fall into
bed 1.30am Leo tells everyone bed time story

day 2 Saturday
Travel from Coronation beach to coral bay after meeting Radar & family at
Coronation Beach. Pleasant drive. talked about tyre pressures, tyres, fuel
consumption , suspension, Petrol v Diesel, landcruiser v patrol,
suspension , other drivers , and the weather.& listened to the grand final
on the radio. Planed trip to southern cross for prospecting for next July
arrived Coral Bay 4.30 pm Set up camp Micki & Rolly arrived 5.30pm.few
beers diner few more beers bed .

day 3 Sunday

Lazy day checking out beach and facilities. Did a little 4WDing down past
Mauds Point. Bit of fishing off the beach. Caught nothing as usual.
Arrived back at camp 3.30pm Skip the jetsetter rolled in around 4.30pm
with his girls. Dinner few more drinks & planed a trip to Mount Augustine
next July. Nom Skip Trip Leader Also Skip suggest pains find for
prospecting trip nom, Skip trip leader Trip next July then bed.

day 4 Monday

Another lazy day so Skip can recover from his driving, non stop from Perth
the legend he is. Swimming was done by all both beach and pool. Local
shops were checked out. Go to pub for dinner & drinks. Plan trip to Tassie
Nom Skip Trip leader Either Jan or next July

Day5 Tuesday

Left early with packed lunch for Exmouth via Ningaloo Station. Talked about
tyre pressure, fuel ,tyres etc etc. Our first stop was a rocky outlet were
some ate oysters off the rocks and others gagged. After that a strange
aroma came wafting threw the car so a pit stop had to be made. Where I
realised one kilo of Mullies and the packet of prawns that I had been
saving for 2 days were having there own party in the back of the
landcruiser. (just one of the loving names Nikki called me was idiot). We
stopped for lunch on a beautiful beach and carried on in search of Skips
beach. Which we found and have decided we need to do a trip in July. We
nominate Skip for trip leader as it is his beach. Headed off for Yardie
Creek where I fished but apparently the fish weren't to keen on my 2 day
old bait either. Some of the party went for a walk to view the gorges
whilst Skip stayed and nursed Nicole who was a bit under the weather poor
thing. The other Teenagers sat around looking cool.
Carried on to Exmouth stopped at a viewing point on the way were we over
looked the ocean on two sides, the towers and Exmouth. Went to Exmouth
for shopping and coffee. Then drove the blacktop back to camp on the way
back talk about tyre pressure , tyre, fuel , etc etc .And had discussions
with the cookie monster. Drinks and dinner plan trip to Alice Springs And
surrounding areas for next July. Nom Skip trip leader & bed

day 6 Wednesday

Fishing in the morning with Sixten, Amy, Micki, Amon, Myself and Leo. Leo
caught a Skippy which he had for breakfast and would not share with
anybody. Sixten and Amy caught a Cod which unfortunately was under sized.
The rest of us caught rocks.
Back to camp for more relaxation. Micki and Rollie relaxed at camp whilst
the rest of us headed to the beach for drinks and nibbles. Julie helped
nikki with her fear of snorkelling in prep for the glass bottom boat
In the evening we Drinks Dinner & more drinks plan trip to NSW Tea Gardens
area for next July. Nom Skip Trip Leader

Day 7 Thursday.

Went for a bit of a drive along the beaches a few sand dunes then did the
glass bottom boat trip including snorkelling. Great fun was had by all.
Radar and Julie went to Exmouth to walk the gorges and reported to have
had a lovely day. Radar and family hit the local Pizza joint for dinner
whilst the rest of us cooked. Drinks again Plan trip to Karijini for next
July Nom skip Trip Leader. Then bed.

Day 8 Friday.

Myself, Radar, Skip and Micki did the fishing charter. Fish was caught by
all and a great time was had. Promises were made to do another charter
again.[ next July] The rest lazed around on the beach checked out the
shops. Leo and Amy represented Go Bush four Wheel drive club in the sand
castle completion. Went for wine & nibbles on the beach to watch the
sunset & the turtles planed a return trip to Coral Bay next July nom Skip
trip leader. Head back to camp fish for tea few wines then bed

day 9 Saturday

Departed 8.45am from Coral Bay for the trip back home stopping on the way
Kalbarri overnight talk about tyre Pressure, Tyre , the pros of round
wheels V square, oil , suspension, etc etc. On arriving Radar & Julie
invited us to celebrate Amys birthday. we all went to A restaurant and had
a slap up meal where decided to celebrate Amys Birthday again next July.
Nom Amy trip leader. It was a great night on the way home the cookie
monster congratulated Amy on turning 8.

day 10

departed Kalbarri 9am Skip stays on for another 3 days
drove to Northampton where we stopped for coffee & scones at the Two Tarts
cafe the table's were that clean you would rather eat off the floor then
carried on to Geraldton to fuel up then headed home on the way home Radar
suggested we should celebrate Xmas in July

In short it was a great trip and myself & family would like to thank the
fellow members travelling with us for making this a holiday to remember

Cheers Chups

 Updated 16 Oct 2006